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NOTE: This journal has the exact same information as the deviation. If you have already read the artist's comments in the deviation, you may ignore this.

First of all: Hello!
Many of you have not seen me for a few months, now. Though I was honestly expecting myself to get cold feet or become bored, it ended up not happening and I simply sat around waiting for inspiration to come back to me, so that I might start up the artistic process once more. As you can all guess, it finally did. Not only do I now have to motivation to do art, but I've also been re-struck with the desire to do it, share it, and to make time for it. It's a wonderful feeling! There's nothing like picking up a pencil after months of leaving it sitting and realizing that you can still do all of the things you once did - and, surprisingly, more! Apparently, not all things come from direct practice, and it's nice to see new things that seemingly pop up all on their own.

Even so, my way of looking at art has changed a lot. To be honest, I hardly feel like "Quaggy" anymore. Back when I started using this name, I was fully geared for being Quaggy. There was nothing to stop me from being everything that being Quaggy meant to me. And while there are fragments of Quaggy still floating around inside, it's not enough for me to feel up to still using this name. I feel like it's associated with so much that I'm now unfamiliar with. Or, not necessarily unfamiliar, but grown out of, maybe.

The solution? Make a move.

So, while I'll be returning to deviantART, I'll also be relocating. I do not, however, wish to make anyone feel like they have to watch me if I post my new name here, and therefore I will not be posting it. Maybe a little later on? When an artist moves and announces it, I feel obligated to watch them at their new location, even if I don't particularly enjoy their art as much as I used to. I figure there might be a few others out there that feel the same. (And even if there aren't, I'm still doing it this way because it made the most sense to my brain, not yours.)

Also, this gives me a chance to filter out the ones that don't particularly care. I love for people to care about my artwork, and maybe even go so far as to care about me. The friends I've made here are the first that I know will be fishing for my new name, but the others I can never be sure of.

So, how do you get my new account name? Show me you care. Send me a note asking for my new name here on deviantART, and I promise I will not ignore you or turn you down. Ask, and you shall receive.

It's that simple. <3

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cheepers Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll miss your awesome character designs :< Good luck at life!! :D
ShungiLion Featured By Owner May 16, 2008  Student General Artist
your pictures are soooo lovely !
and I want to see more of them^_^
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